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Services - Entice Online Marketing

Finding New Customers is Tough

Getting customers via your website is probably harder than you imagined?

Perhaps you have some people finding you on Google, or following you on Twitter, but they just aren't knocking on your door and handing you cash!

There are many reasons why this happens, ranging from:

  • ​not enough visitors to your website from Google 
  • not enough followers or engagement on social media
  • badly designed or optimized website
  • no lead generation on your website
  • and the list goes on.....

Our Methods

Our focus at Entice is helping our clients solve all of the above problems and more. Even if it means racking our brains for creative and crazy new ideas!

We work closely with you to find out:

  • what your business goals are 
  • what your priorities are
  • how we can best help you get more customers (ones with money!)

We like to work closely with our clients, often becoming part of their team.

Of course, that is not for everyone, so if you just need a simple "done for you "marketing service, we offer that too.​

Our Marketing Services

​SEO Basics

With SEO Basics, we make sure that your website is optimized and focused for the words that your customers are looking for.

Without the basics in place, and the right focused, any further SEO is worthless.

Our Basics Package includes​

  • On Page SEO Optimization (keeps Google Happy)
  • Keyword Research (getting found by your customers)
  • Link Analysis (are the right people connecting to your website, Google cares)

​SEO Link Building

Once the SEO Basics are in place, we can start building links to your website to push your website higher in Google.

Getting links from the right websites (powerful sites in similar niches or businesses)​ is the key to getting found on Google.

We work with you to create a specific program of link building to your amazing content (blog posts, videos, infographics and more).

*Note: If your site is a little on the empty side (little content) we might suggest you create some amazing content first! We can help you with that as well.​ See Content Creation below.

Content Creation

Great content is the basis of modern online marketing. Full stop.

Great content gets shared on social media. Ranked higher on Google. And perhaps more importantly...

Great content impresses your customers or potential customers and turns them into buyers.

We help businesses like yours create the content that gets shared, ranked on Google and provides the kind of information your customers are looking for.​

Social Media Profiles

Having a presence on the most important social media sites in your area of business is extremely important.

It gives your website and brand extra visibility.

It helps boost your fundamental SEO and show Google you are serious about being online.

And last, but not least, it shows your potential customers and followers that you are serious about social media and connecting with them.

If you are ignoring social media, or have not seriously reviewed your profiles in at least a year, this package could be for you.​

Social Media Done For You

Maintaining your social media accounts can be a time consuming effort. And when you are running a business, it could be the last thing you want to be doing.

That's why we offer our clients Social Media Posting services.

We post regularly content (both yours, and industry relevant content) to all your important social media channels.

We make sure that your social media posts are optimized for each channel (best time, right hashtags, images).

We monitor your ​channels to ensure you do not miss any important social media interactions (questions, problems, complaints).

​Lead Generation Basics

Getting people to visit your website from Google, Social Media or just via your business card is a great start.

But once they land on your site, many of them leave and never return!

We can help you make sure that you catch as many of those potential customers in your net as possible using a variety of lead generation techniques.

The Technical Side: A general rule of thumb is to create an email list with various optin forms on your site, as well as follow up emails to warm up your prospective leads. This all leads to more sales in the future.

​Lead Generation Advanced

With the Lead Generation Basics already in place, there is a lot more you can do to capture more leads on your website.

We can help you put in place a variety of methods for capturing leads, measuring their performance and tuning as required.

This is an ongoing process which can create an amazing source of future customers for your website.