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How SEO Can Bring Buyers to Your Website

How SEO Can Bring Buyers to Your Website

How SEO Brings More Buyers To Your WebsiteThere is a difference between your standard website visitor, and a visitor who is ready to buy.

The main one is money, but we are going to get a little deeper than that in this blog post!

Many of your average website visitors will come back one day and buy from you, but a lot of them will not. Because some of them are just browsing!

But one way you can get more actual buyers (visitors ready to pull out their credit card) to your site is to use the right keywords.

So what are these fabled “right keywords”?  you ask.

Why Specific Keywords = Buyers (Not Browsers)

As you move through the various stages of buying, your searches on Google become more specific.

Not only that, but there are phrases that you use that signal your intention to buy.

Sounds a little difficult to get a handle on, I know. So let’s take a look at an example to show you what I mean.

Buying a New Car

Say you want to buy a new car. We all do sooner or later, right?

When you start searching for information online, you might use the following kinds of words:

  • four door 4WD family car
  • best fast coupe 2014

and other more general phrases.

When you start your research, you do not know what you want exactly or what is available. So you are fishing.

It helps you find out what is available, and teaches you what to search for next.

Then, as you start to know what your choices are, your research becomes more specific:

  • 2014 VW Golf review

Once you know that this is the car for you, you might start shopping around for prices

  • price 2014 VW Golf Austin
  • best price VW Golf 2014 Austin

Here you are interested in the price, and in your area (Austin in this case).

You see, as you become a buyer (and not a browser anymore) your search terms change.

So how does this help you?

And as a business owner in a specific market, you can guess, learn and research the kinds of phrases you would use to find my business when people want to buy.

These are the “money” terms that you want to target to get a share of those buyers online.

targeting buyers with seo

Targeting the Buyers on Your Website

By knowing your market, and the types of phrases people would use when close to buying something, you can target these and get more buyers to your site.

But first you have to do some thinking (about what a buyer would look for) and some research (I would use Google Keyword Planner).

When you are using Keyword Planner you can see what kinds of volume search terms are getting per month. On top of that, you can get related terms grouped around specific topics.

This helps you to find terms you might not have thought of, but which Google knows people are using.

Take Some SEO Action Now

So head out and do this before you write your next product page or blog post and know what kinds of phrases you should be including in your content.

It is far better to work this way, than just to guess. After all, you only have so much time on your hands, so why not spend it getting customers with their wallets open!

But is it that simple?

Like all great things online, there is a small trick.

Even if you know what phrases you should be using in your content, you also need to know if you have a chance of appearing on page one of Google.

Page 2 is also ok, but as good because a lot less people end up there (kind of like the desert).

So if you have no chance of getting on page one, you need to find other phrases you can compete on.

This is actually the hard part.

And even if you can compete, you might need to do some link building (getting links from related sites) to push you up in the rankings so you actually get some customers to your website.

That is where SEO expertise comes in handy. Maybe we can help you get to the top!

1 Comment

  1. Hey Ashley,

    This is something I have been thinking about. I have never been a fan of SEO, but I still optimized the posts for search engines, at least tried to.

    But, not having a gaining clients mindset was a big motivator….to not try, and focus my efforts on other traffic sources. But, I can’t afford to ignore SEO any longer.

    As you know, I am shifting my focus to freelance writing and that means I have to pay attention to this (This time I actually have a goal in mind – get more clients, more writing opportunities, and that can help with optimizing more effectively).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this 🙂 Appreciate it!



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