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Why You Need A Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan

Why You Need A Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan

You Need A Strategic Social Media Marketing PlanGone are the days of randomly posting updates to your social media marketing channels and you seeing a lot of engagement from it. There are way too many businesses (both small and large) absolutely crushing it on social media today.

The main differences between the businesses that are increasing engagement on their social media channels vs. those that are complaining that social media marketing doesn’t work, is that the ones crushing it. All have a strategic social media marketing plan in place.

Don’t get me wrong here, we’re always going to have the silver bullet companies that explode onto the social media marketing scene, but these are not the norm, and in fact, some say, the faster the rise, the faster the fall.

So for your business, you may just want to stick with the basics and take the first step in forming a long term, strategic social media marketing plan.

What Is A Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan

Here’s two example to help get your head wrapped around what I mean by putting a strategic social media marketing plan in place.

Example one: get a big plate of spaghetti, throw it up against the wall, and see what stick

This is what companies that don’t have a social media marketing plan do, and it doesn’t work very well in the long run.

Example two: get a high powered laser beam, focus the laser directly on one specific target market, and share highly relevant information to that market specifically.

This is what companies with strategic social media marketing plans do.

Not having a social media marketing plan in place, is like going to Italy and trying to speak English, it’s not going to work. Yes, you may find the odd person here or there that can get by with some broken english, but the majority of people you aren’t going to be able to communicate with.

The same situation holds true in social media, your company needs to be talking about what’s important to your social media audiences.

A Quick Social Media Plan

need-social-media-marketing-plan-pencilWhat it really comes down to is that companies with strategic social media marketing plans in place are going to outperform those that don’t. And the race isn’t even going to be close.

But with a few simples steps in place, you can easily get further on social media than ever before. Here are 5 steps that I recommend you take if you want to get started:

It can take a bit of work to get started, but with the right help and the right plan, you will start seeing results in no time.

The issues that I see a lot of corporate business clients, as well as small business clients run into, is that they’re just not sure how to put together a strategic social media marketing plan because they’ve never done it before. It’s uncharted territory for them.

But with a little bit of help from a social media marketing specialist, they can normally get on the right path very quickly.

Do You Need Help With Social Media Planning?

Not everyone has the time to spend learning the A-Z of social media. It can certainly take a lot of time. But if you need help, we certainly have the experience.

We’ll personally walk you through forming a social media marketing plan specific to your target market to help you get the results you want from social meda.

There’s no “one plan fits all” strategy with social media marketing, so we make sure your plan is tailored specifically for your audience. Custom social media marketing plans is our sweet spot, there’s not many companies that take as much pride, and put forth as much personalized effort as our crew at Entice Online Marketing does.

It’s time for you, yes you, to take action… if you’re drinking the Kool-Aid I’m serving here, fill in your contact details in our request a consult form, and either myself (Brandon) or Ashley will follow up with you personally.

Like I mentioned above, we don’t do cookie cutter social media marketing plans at Entice. If you want a custom social media marketing plan that’s going to get you long term results, we’re here to make it happen for you, but we need you to take the first step by requesting a consult.


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