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Traffic is Great, But You Need Customers!

Traffic is Great, But You Need Customers!

Forget Traffic, You Need More CustomersThe biggest mistake you might be making right now is focusing on the wrong things in your business.

How do I know? I made the same mistake when I started a few years back. I was constantly focused on getting more traffic.

I want more traffic! More traffic !!! (picture Dr Evil rubbing his hands together)

Traffic is great, don’t get me wrong. We all need traffic to our websites to even start getting customers. But that is not where it ends.

But the problems is that only watching the traffic to your website grow can lead you to a very sad and lonely place…

There Are A Lot Of Numbers, But Most of Them Are Useless

When it comes to websites and online marketing we can stand and watch a whole bunch of numbers to make ourselves feel better.

  • how much traffic I am getting
  • how many keywords am I ranking for
  • how many Twitter followers do I have
  • what is my most popular post

I can pull a whole bunch more from the list of useless things I used to (and sometimes still do –  old habits die hard) care about.

But what you have to do in business is take a good look at the numbers and understand what they mean.

Even more importantly, you also have to know which numbers are the ones that matter. The ones that will drive growth in your business. These are the ones you should care about.

Hint: they are the ones that leads to conversions (email signups, sales calls, products sales etc). It depends on your business and goals of course.

Stop Focusing Just on Traffic

Forget Traffic, You Need More CustomersOf all the services we offer our clients, many of them have to do with traffic. So we know it is important.

We offer

  • SEO services, to help get more traffic from Google
  • Social Media services to get your more visitors from social media
  • Website design to get you online in the first place

But the most important one, and the one that many of our customers either ignore or don’t want at all is…

the most important of all – lead generation

You Need to Catch Those Visitors Too

It is actually one of the hardest part of online marketing for all businesses – converting visitors into customers.

So our focus on this part of online marketing starts from the beginning, so that any traffic we bring to a website is sent straight into a sales funnel or conversion of some kind.

Why? Because if you are only chasing traffic then you are kinda wasting your time. More traffic means more visitors to your site, more load on your server and potentially more costs to run your site.

But it does not necessarily mean more customers or email subscribers. In order to accomplish that, you have some form of lead generation set up. And the more places you are capturing leads the better!

Tip: One of the best tools I have ever used to do this is Thrive Leads Plugin (for WordPress) and here is a review if you want to read more about.

So what is the moral of the story?

Know what numbers matter. Don’t get obsessed with traffic. And start capturing leads today.

If you need help getting more customers from your website, why not book a quick chat with us to learn how we can help grow your business.
Photo By Simon James via StockPholio.com


  1. Hi Ashley,

    You’ve really hit the nail on the head with this Blog post. It resonates with exactly where I am at the moment. Working my butt off driving traffic to my website, BUT, zero income, no conversions.

    The truth of the matter being that converting some of that traffic, even if its 5% into paying customers always seems to elude me no matter how hard I try.

    Then I read this Blog post.

    I now understand that there just has to be some kind of Call To Action on my website, on all webpages where incoming traffic lands, so that they can be conveniently (and gently) moved into my sales funnel.

    If that does not happen then I’d very likely keep getting more and more traffic to my website BUT have a zero conversion rate.

    Thank you for sharing, appreciate it.


    Ivan Bayross

    • Hey Ivan

      Don’t sweat it Ivan, we have all been there.
      There is a lot of confusing information out there on the web, and a lot of it reaches us each day and sways us to do things that are not in our best interests.
      Take a look at my latest post on MadLemmings.com if you want some tools to help you get those conversions!
      take care

      • Hi Ashley,

        Jumped across to madlemmings.com and read your post titled
        Multiply Your Email Subscribers Like Rabbits (with this simple trick)

        Wow! the details delivered were fantastic. I’ve already purchased Thrive Content Editor and I just did not know that it could create and deliver timed popups. I’ve grown to appreciate Shane Melaugh’s Blog posts.

        You’ve really got me going in the right direction to build my mailing list successfully and confidently.

        Thanks for such great material. Truly appreciate the effort it takes.


        Ivan Bayross

    • Hey Ivan
      Glad this resonated. And hope your calls to action are working out for you. Sometimes a little creativity is necessary, but it works in the end.
      let me know if you need a hand


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