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How Good Is Your Website SEO? Do You Really Know?

How Good Is Your Website SEO? Do You Really Know?

How goods is your website seo?You have your website all set up and ready to go! Woo hooo!

Now you can get on with the fun stuff. The real working of running your business… And then your website gets forgotten.

Pages are moved.

Links get broken.

Blog posts are not written with Google in mind.

There are so many small things that you do, that can have a huge effect on your website, and how it ranks on Google.

But How good is Your SEO?

What Can Go Wrong Does Go Wrong (who is this Murphy guy?)

There are a lot of very minor mistakes you can make on your website. Most of the time, without even knowing.

For example, by allowing Google to crawl and index your categories and tag pages, you have duplicate content on Google.

Sounds confusing and complex, but it’s quite simple.

Hint: Google does not like duplicate content.

Or you could change the URL of a single page for whatever reason (it looks nicer, it sounds better etc). There is no problem with doing that….or is there?

Anyone that linked to that page now has a dead link.

Hint: Google will see this eventually.

And you friends you link to you, won’t like you either!

You could be putting your keywords in all the wrong places and missing out on some high Google rankings.

Or maybe you don’t even know what keywords you should be targeting in your industry or niche?

Do you actually do keyword research?

Hint: Keywords are what gets you ranked on Google for the words people actually search for.

Getting Your Web Foundations Right

How Good is Your Website SEO?There are a lot of website fundamentals that you need to have in place to make sure that you are not shooting your website in the foot.

Note: That bullet then passes through your website’s foot and hits Google. Ouch!

So why not keep control of your website, even months or years after it goes live. It will really pay off in the end, even if it seems like a lot of work.

With that end in mind, here are a list of things you should be doing to make sure you are on the right track.

Check Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides you with some fantastic tools in order to see –  what they are seeing.

It also helps you to know when they are not happy. You might not like Google (even though they are not doing evil), but they pretty much control search.

Which means they control how your customers find you on search.

So keeping an eye on how your site is doing on search engines like Google is very important.

And Google Webmaster Tools is your window into that world. It can tell you things like:

  • What links on your site are broken
  • What links to your site are incorrect
  • What people are searching for to find your website
  • How your website ranks for some searches
  • Why Larry Page likes the Toothbrush Test!

And there are a lot of other great features you can make use of,  if you have the time.

Install a Great SEO Plugin

I am going to presume you are using WordPress here (sorry, but we love it and recommend it).

With WordPress you can easily install a plugin to handle your website SEO.

Personally I use WordPress SEO from Yoast on all my websites. It provides you with all of the fundamental fields you need to fill in to get your SEO happening for pages and posts on your site.

For example, the following elements of any page or post are easily added when you create them:

  • The URL
  • The Meta Description
  • The Title

It can also help you to see what you are not doing correctly and if you are using your keywords enough.

Tools such as these will really improve your SEO and make your life easier too!

Target the Right Keywords

You might have heard people talking about this before.

At the water cooler? Or over a beer after work?

Either way, keywords are very important for getting found on search.

Before you create too much content on your site, you seriously want to know what kinds of words and phrases you should be targeting. What do I mean by targeting?

Well, we are not talking sniper rifles here, that is for sure.

What I mean is the following. You need to start using the words and phrases that your customers would use to find you.

Imagine such a customer’s process:

  • Head over to Google
  • Type in a problem you are having using a phrase or a few words
  • Check out the first page of results
  • Give money to awesome companies that can help you

So you need to get into the head of your customer and use the kinds of words that they use.

But is it that simple? Unfortunately not.

Finding Those Keywords

There is a bit of an art to finding keywords to use on your website.

Think of it as origami for adults!

As I mentioned above, you first need to get into the mind of your customer, and “feel” their pains and needs.

That is a great start for sure. But you cannot be sure that they are actually using those keywords to find you.

So then you need to do some serious research using some keyword tools to find out what people are really searching for!

Next Steps For Your Website

Making sure your website is in order is a great way to lay the foundations for getting found on Google.

Of course, you can take it a step further and start building links back to your site as well.

That certainly helps. But without the foundations you are lost before you even begin. That is why it is important to know how good your SEO really is!

If you need a hand sorting out your website foundations and getting found on Google, perhaps we can help?


  1. This has a lot of great ideas. Thank you.

    • thanks Diann, appreciate you dropping by and that you enjoyed our post!

  2. Great post Ashley. I recently discovered the category and tags issue on my site. Google’s webmaster tools is an excellent place to discover problems your site might have. Find them and fix them. If you are doing this alone and not technical (like me) it may take longer than expected.

    It’s amazing how well the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin works. Take the time and effort to learn how it should be utilized on your site. I loved reading this post as it reinforced the SEO tips that I have learned the past year.

    • Thanks Paul
      I have not meet you before, so hi! thanks for stopping by.
      Yoast is the best SEO plugin I have used. And I have lots of sites with lots of plugins. Still always go back to Yoast. You did a nice review of it I see :>

      On Page SEO is still the best thing we can be doing on our sites for sure.



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