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How We Boosted the Google Rankings of This Small Business (in Less Than a Month)

How We Boosted the Google Rankings of This Small Business (in Less Than a Month)

How I Boosted This Small Business' Google RankingsGetting on page one of Google for the right keywords is the key to getting the right customers to your website.

But there are quite a few steps to doing this right, which I will go through in detail  below.

The following is an example of how I helped a client of mine rank her small business almost on page one of Google in under one 3 weeks!

She went from almost nowhere (position 83) to the top 11 for the main keyword in her industry.

It has only taken about 2 and 1/2 weeks to achieve these results and it is something that is within the reach of almost any small business. One of the biggest things that made the difference is doing the right keyword research.


How To Rank a Small Business Highly on Google

When you are running a small business and there is so much to do just to keep things going, ranking on Google is the last thing on your mind. Not only that, but for many non-techies out there getting ranked on Google is a complete mystery.

So in this quick post I want to show you the steps I took to help rank this small business in just 3 weeks. (Yes, this will vary from business to business,)

The following is a chart from a tool I use called SERP Book, which tracks the ranking of sites or pages for search engines over time.

It’s a great tool for tracking your rankings, or your clients (in my case). This is something you always have to watch, as it constantly changes, and shows you when you have to tweak or change something.

Rank A Small Business on Google Fast

Step 1: Finding Your Keywords

If you are aiming for the wrong target, or no target at all, then you definitely will not get any customers to your website.

Knowing what keywords are important for your niche or industry is crucial, and on top of that, knowing what words are used when people are looking to buy is even more important.

So make sure you do some basic keyword research for your website as a whole, and also for your content.

How We Boosted Their Google Rankings in Under One Month

Step 2: Tune Your Website For The Top Keywords

Your website should have the main keywords in the title of your site as well as on some other pages. This is a key signal for Google, telling them what you do and sell.

Of course you need to do more specific SEO tuning (aka on page seo) on blog posts to get them ranked for other more specific keywords, but for your main keyword, make sure it is in the title of your site and elsewhere on your homepage (at the least).

SEO Bonus: For a complete step-by-step guide on how to improve your SEO on your website, grab our FREE Guide to Ranking Higher on Google

Step 3: Check Your Links

If you are not an SEO Pro (like me :>) then you might not even know what kinds of links you have to your site.

Interesting Example: In fact, when helping a blogger I know last year, I found a series of spammy links (payday loans etc) to her site. And helped her get rid of them using a method called disavowing.

There are a few places you can check what links your website has, such as:

These sites will give you an idea of what kinds of links you have, from where, and how powerful they are.

The exact way to evaluate links, and what numbers you are looking for is a huge lesson in itself. But this is where you start.

Another option is to use Google Webmaster Tools to check what links Google knows about (or is at least is letting you know they know – sounds like a spy movie right? wink wink, nudge nudge).

Either way you choose to do it, take a look at your site now!

Step 4: Creating The Right Links To Your Site

Although Google no longer looks just at links to rank a website, they are still the most important thing you can have.

Getting other websites to “link” to your website is the key to ranking on the top of Google. After doing basic On Page SEO of course.

So start looking for ways to get links to your site from social media, directories, guest blogging and so on.

Even just interacting with people in your niche, and writing epic content will get you a long way.

But if you are not blogging…the links will be sparse. Sorry.

Step 5: Watch The Rankings

Once you have done all of the steps above, you will start to see your Google rankings climb over time.

As mentioned earlier, I monitor rankings with a tool called SERP Book (the chart at the top is from there). They provide specific keyword rank tracking and you can even specify a country and language if that is relevant.

Note: The earlier example was for an Australian local business, so I added that to the SERPBook settings. My client is obviously only interested in local clients for interior design work, and SerpBook helps me track exactly that.

How fast your rankings change is a mystery to all SEOs (anyone show says otherwise is probably lying to you). But in the case of my client, it happened in a few weeks.

There are never guarantees, but I would definitely expect some improvements in a short time like this, even if it is not as drastic.

Whether you manage to get to the top of Google is a matter of skill, links and a small touch of luck. (or who you hire to help you)

We Love Helping Our Clients Beat Google

The above is exactly what we do for our clients to get them more search engine traffic from places like Google.

Tuning their website to ensure that it is using SEO best practices.

Helping them get links from the best sources possible in order to rank for their top keywords.

Monitoring the rankings and traffic to check our progress.

Maybe we can help you too?

If you need help with your SEO and want to do it the right way (no nasty black hat SEO tricks that Google will punish you for) why not get in touch for a free consultation to see how we can help you too.

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