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How To Boost Email Sign Ups On Your Website

How To Boost Email Sign Ups On Your Website

Are you working on your email list?

If not then you are missing out on a whole lot of sales on your website.

Even if you are not selling right now, there are so many ways you could use an email list.

Just staying in touch with your readers is the first and most basic one.

And then as things grow and scale with your marketing and business you can take it to the next level – sales.

But the big question is, how do you grow your email list as fast as possible?

Growing Your Email List

With your website set up and ready to go, adding optin forms to gather emails is a high priority.

And there are so many ways you can do it.

So let’s dive in and check a few of them out…

Hero Section

Your home page is one of the most visited on your website. So you better make good use of it.

And if you want to grab people’s attention as soon as you arrive, then the hero section is the way to do it. The hero is the first section of the homepage which usually highlights a hero – product, service or similar.

The best way to do it is to have a compelling image, that matches the offer. Then place a strong marketing message next to it with a call to action. Which then leads to an email optin form.

You can see an example below from Flow Consulting who offer Lean Sigma consulting services:


As you can see it is a clear and compelling way to get people straight onto your email address from the home page.

Website Popup

Another great way to collect emails site-wide is to have a popup that grabs people’s attention.

There are a number of ways of implementing this, and depending on how fast you want to grow (or how annoying you want to be) you can choose which works for you.

The first is the popup that appears straight away. I am not a fan of this and prefer to wait at least 10-30 seconds.

Next you can use what is termed the exit intent popup, which I have talked about before. This way people only get bugged by the popup when they leave. Which is a great way to catch them by the door and not to annoy them when they are reading something.

Another aspect of popups you need to consider is if it will be full-screen or partial screen. And whether it appears on mobile. This is soon to be penalized by Google, so something you have to take into account.

Below you can see an example of a popup on ShadeOfInfo, which is as simple as it can get. They can also get far more complex and cover the whole screen as I mentioned above.



Variety Is The Spice Of Emails

If you want to keep you readers attention and catch them while they are otherwise occupied, you sometimes need to try a different method of getting their email.

There are certainly more than enough of these out there to keep you busy. Some I would recommend trying include:

  • The Slide-in (at the bottom of the page)
  • The header ribbon (or Hello Bar)
  • The in-post optin (like a Content Upgrade)
  • The end of post optin

Tools To Try

When it comes to collecting email addresses, there are many tools you can use depending on the platform you are on.

I would recommend one of the following to get you started:

This should get you started on and on the road to email optins in no time.

The Best Ideas

A final word on this topic just to get you started.

Keep in mind that building your email list is one of the most important things you can do. Get started now even if it is just with a single popup.

Sign up for a service like Aweber or MailChimp (or go a bit more pro with Active Campaign).

And before you know it the list will grow!

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