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How to Attract Customers to my Website

How to Attract Customers to my Website

how to attract customers to your website

You own or run a business. And everyday you wake up and ask yourself,

how do I get more customers?

And if you have a website, you might actually be asking yourself “how do I attract customers to my website?”

It is certainly not a easy task, which is why people like me are out there helping businesses attract new customers :>

But you didn’t come here for that, I know. You want some ideas. Some hints. A little inspiration!

Some Ideas for Attracting New Customers

There are actually dozens of ways of getting more customers to your website.

But rather than cover them all, let’s take a quick look at the most important ones and, why they work.

Using Search Engines like Google

As you probably know from personal experience, Google is kinda useful.

You type in what you are looking for, or a question you want answered, and they serve you up some amazingly helpful websites. Most of the time.

And if your customers are looking for a solution to their problems, wouldn’t it be great if the answer they found on Google was yours?

That is the goal!

There is a long list of things you need to do to make sure you appear as the top answer on Google, but let’s cover a few of them:

  • make sure your website is set up correctly for search engines and optimized for users and loading speed
  • have some useful content (video, images, blogs posts/news) that answers your customer’s most important questions
  • promote that content throughout the web (social media, peers/colleagues, social bookmarking)
  • get some links to your wonderful content from powerful websites in your field/niche

It is a little like a puzzle, but when you have all the pieces in place, Google will put you at the top.

You just have to take it one step at a time. Website. Blogging. Sharing. Linking.

Promotion via Social Media

You might have seen how obsessed people are with social media.

Your kids are on snapchat.

Your friends are spending all day chatting and sharing photos on Facebook.

Your colleagues are tweeting what they had for breakfast (or perhaps something more meaningful?).

Either way, a lot of people are spending a lot of time with their heads in social media.

So what does that mean for you and your business?

Get on social. Become part of the conversation buy serving them a hot menu of solutions to their problems and amazing products they want to buy.

So much is happening on social media these days that if you are not present on at least a few channels then you will never get people’s attention.

And once you have their attention, you bring them back to your website.

It’s always about your website.

Online Advertising

How to Attract Customers to my WebsiteContinuing with the whole “social” topic…sometimes, you just have to butt into conversations on social media.

And that is actually how social media sites are making their money these days. Advertising.

As I said above, people are completely obsessed with social media. So interrupting them while they are there, is a useful thing to do.

You can reach very specific people/audiences on these websites. People who want to hear what you have to say, or what you are selling.

Websites like Facebook now have so much information about us, that you can actually find your perfect customer on their website and advertise only to them.

It is that powerful. Actually kinda scary!

But as a business owner, the tools they offer give you a way to succeed that was never possible before.

Putting It All Together

If you want to bring more customers to your business, via your website there are lots of options available.

But you have to take make sure your website is ready before you begin.

Then, the internet is your oyster!


photo credit: Zuhair Ahmad via photopin cc

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