"With the Right Help You Can Appear Higher on Google Search Results...

Google search results can seem a little bit mysterious.
Some people are at the top, while others are nowhere to be seen!

Using Our Google Gold Package
you will see your website move higher in Google and
get you more traffic and customers as a result.

"What Is Google Gold?"

Google Gold is our package for helping customers move their websites higher in Google.

There are a few steps that we need to take together to achieve this:
1. Determine what keywords your customers are looking for you with, and those you want to target
2. Check your website to make sure all the pages, posts and settings are 100% how Google wants to see them to get you ready for better search result rankings
3. Make sure the links and references to your website from other websites are not causing you to be ranked lower by Google
4. Build links to your site to help rank your website higher in search results for the words that your customers are looking for

Not every website is the same, so we make sure to check everything that matters to help get your website moving higher in Google search.

Once a month we will also have a call with you to determine the progress and next steps for your ongoing Google Gold plan.

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

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How long does it take to see improvements? 
How many keywords can I target on my website?
How can you help me get to the first page of Google?
What about Bing and other search engines?
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